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S. maternity session

 Nearly 40 weeks along...
(oh girl I remember the feeling)
mom & dad are counting the minutes
'till this precious baby B. makes her debut.
Stay tuned!


the K. family

So I'm aware that most photographers would cringe when they see 5 young children (including 6 month old twins) arriving for a family session.
I love the challenge!
I adore this family-
and we had so much fun jumping, playing, running...
and laughing too.
Pictures are supposed to be fun- and that's how I try to keep them.

So I can get sweet, real smiles like this!


hot off the presses...

Image from
Kristin Merwin Photography 
was chosen for the front cover of 
the North Gilbert Breeze 
{September issue}

...pick up your copy today!