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Little G. | PHX custom photography

I love doing first birthday sessions!

This little guy brought lots of smiles and personality...

It seems like that first year flies in the blink of an eye
and marks the milestone of baby to toddler.
Little G. 
is one very loved and cherished babe
and I wanted to make sure that it was captured in his photos
--->from momma

--->to brother

---> to the comforting arms of his daddy.
Little G. is enjoying a blessed life!

I always hope the relationships and love shine through my portraits in a unique way
that is as original 
as each child that I photograph.
Happy birthday, G !

"A happy childhood lasts forever"

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Girl Friends mini session | PHX custom photography

Can you think of anything cooler as a "sweet sixteen gift" than a custom photography session with friends?
 Mom won the PTO gift certificate for a mini session and generously handed it over to her beautiful daughter and friends.
One look at these girls and I knew our session would be a piece of cake.
 These beauties are friends from preschool and now attend high school together.  I LoVe that!  
 And someday they'll look back on these portraits and realize how fleeting those fun high school years were
...and how fortunate they are to have captured these moments.

Best friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.  
Author Unknown

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