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The M. twins | phx portraiture

prepare yourself.
unbelievably cute identical twins,
sharing cuddles & smiles.

Miracle babies
who wouldn't be here today without great doctors, heaps of prayer and incredible parents.

They've been featured in publications and news articles 
for their journey through in utero laser surgery and amnio reduction due to Twin Twin Transfusion Syndrome.
 Looking at these gorgeous babies, you'd never know the walk they've been through, arriving to where they are now.  Healthy, active, smart little girls.

I truly laughed when I uploaded the above photo.
THIS is definitely another dimension of sisterly love- and I just couldn't delete it!

We captured both girls
in their momma's shoes = priceless. 
 The magic of childhood through my lens.

Two little blessings,

sent from above.

twice the smiles,

twice the love.

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Fall/Winter Sessions 2012

I apologize for the lack of communication in the last couple weeks with client's inquiries on future session dates available, information, ect.

I was quick to respond to incoming texts and emails but I'm still behind on returning voicemails.

I figured it would be most be most time-effective to post here on the blog that I am not taking any more sessions until further notice.  
I have a very exciting and unique project that will be taking up any and all "extra" time that I once carved out for my photography.  

Stay tuned for all the juicy details =)
keep watching for the last of my 2012 sessions to be posted.

Next one up, identical twin girls that are absolutely adorable
and will bring a smile to anyone's day!