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Mind Over Batter {AZ commercial photography}

has been delighting sweet tooths for years
 and finally
opened their sweet shop/bakery
 in Tempe AZ!
Once you go,
you certainly understand what all the raving is about...
check out these (unprompted) faces!
Handmade, baked, dipped, sprinkled, swirled, {you name it}
treats can be found in this adorable, fun, inspiring bakery.
Every kind of cupcake, cake pop and custom cake can be yours.
And will leave you figuring out how to get your hands on MoRe!
yeah. they're. that. good.
Selections of the unrivaled ThRiFty IcE CrEaM is also offered
to take the bite out of our AZ temperatures. 
These girls were a riot to watch,
squealing over the delish treats, perfectly decorated bakery,
and polished checkerboard floor. 
 Eye candy in every direction!
We had a blast setting up a few cute scenarios
in the bakery.

So for tantalizing treats like No  OtHeR,
grab a friend and get yourselves to 

It's an experience and taste
you won't forget!
Mind Over Batter

1805 E Elliot Rd
(480) 491-0012


Baby M.

what a fun session this was!
I was having total flashbacks of when my 'lil Brooklyn was born.
This wonderful family has welcomed their second daughter...
A dark haired little sweetie-joining her blonde haired, blue eyed sister!
Oh the joy...the fun...the story yet to unfold- what a huge blessing.
The decision to have a child
is to accept that your heart will forever walk about
outside of your body
~Katherine Hadley~
Baby M.
is such a beautiful and sweet baby girl.
An absolute angel...and perfect from head to toes.
From small beginnings come great things

It's safe to say this family is head over heels in love.
So thankful and full of anticipation of what's ahead.

I love to capture the early relationship between siblings.  
You can't ever go back and get "those shots"

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.
1 Samuel 1:27


Baby O.

Who's behind on bloggin' around here?

Enjoy some beautiful images of a babe
who's family has been waiting 
years {and years...and YeArS}
for his arrival.
There's something so special in capturing
that in photography!

Perfection at it's finest.
"miracles happen to those who believe in them"
Bernard Berenson