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the M. family|AZ maternity portraiture

things that make me smile?
the anticipation of new life.

spoken from an auntie just waiting to meet her new nephew...
due to arrive next month.
to this incredible, devoted, loving family.
which makes me smile more.

he will be spoiled. loved.  cherished.
can hardly wait to get a peek at you
'lil mister...
and i think your beautiful momma
joins me in that 0)
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a new look for kmphotography!

i'm sure you've noticed some change taking place on the blog here. i've been experimenting with a few new looks trying to find which one is most "reflective" of the portraiture i'm creating.
i've finally found it
and i have to give a HUGE shout out to Kassie
for her
patience and amazing talent.  
she is truly the best!
thanks for your patience as i tweak a few things here and there. i'm hoping to soon showcase
the new products (which i think you'll fall in love with!) 
as well as some unique, fresh techniques with my portraiture.
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if you'd be so kind...i'd love it if you would update/add a new KMPhotography button:


thank you for all your support,


4 Generation {AZ Portraiture}

"To move freely you must be deeply rooted."
I have these sessions come along that touch my heart so deeply. 
Great grandma.  
Grandmas.  Daughters.  Great granddaughters.
Strong women of faith.
Separated geographically but not in heart.

 "We shape our lives not by what we carry with us, but what we leave behind"  
It warms my heart to see people keep their family at such high priority.
This photo session has been on the books since 2010.
 It was an honor to capture their reunion.

The personalities, laughter.
 What fun.
Two sisters, each seeing their daughters raise a daughter.
"playing just like when our girls were babies" 
I heard one grandma sigh...

And great grandma 
is able to relish these moments
these giggles, tea parties, and delicate perfections
within three generations.
delights me to to capture it behind my lens.

Such fun personalities and relationships these women share.

Life truly is Art.
simple as that.

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