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a new look for kmphotography!

i'm sure you've noticed some change taking place on the blog here. i've been experimenting with a few new looks trying to find which one is most "reflective" of the portraiture i'm creating.
i've finally found it
and i have to give a HUGE shout out to Kassie
for her
patience and amazing talent.  
she is truly the best!
thanks for your patience as i tweak a few things here and there. i'm hoping to soon showcase
the new products (which i think you'll fall in love with!) 
as well as some unique, fresh techniques with my portraiture.
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if you'd be so kind...i'd love it if you would update/add a new KMPhotography button:


thank you for all your support,


  1. The new site looks great Kristin! Sooo fun & original just like your photos!! :-)

  2. Love your new look! It's perfect!!!