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Eastern Montana | Senior Portraiture | Miss K.

{Here's a quick peek of a senior session from when we were in Montana}
I'll have 15 (or more) sneak peek sessions to follow...
kind of a "working" vacation for me :)

Montana is one of those locations
with beauty & backdrops just begging to be photographed.
happy to oblige.

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And looking forward to sharing much more from this great place...


baby L.

“A baby enters your life and fills a special place in your heart.
 A place you never even knew was empty”
-author unknown
an adorable swirl of dark hair: 

my new nephew.

 7 lbs 7 oz of perfection wrapped up into this teeny bundle of love.

i know our whole family would agree.
we're all pretty smitten with baby L.
his peach fuzz is the cutest ever.
Baby L. was a gem for his first "official" photo session.
he tried so hard to stay awake & watch what was going on.
"babies are such a nice way to start people"
you are loved beyond words, sweet boy.
welcome to the world.

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it's summer

and we're gonna enjoy
every last drop.

we hope you do the same.
from my family to yours,
happy summer!
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