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Miss S | phoenix tween portraiture

This session was part of my niece's Christmas present-
Being the kind & generous girl she is, she requested her cousins be included in on her portrait session.

Enter four excited girls !
They planned their outfits, start to finish

I took these lovely ladies downtown,
in search of crumbling buildings and fun backdrops.

I love watching them together, 
the giggles in full swing-as always.

I explained to them how we look for that buttery light in sessions,
and we chase it.  
They picked up quickly and offered up their own 
posing & ideas.

I have more photos to add to this session.  Unfortunately,  I'm having major photoshop issues,
so I may just add to this post when issues are resolved.

Hope your new year is off to a fabulous start!

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F. Maternity mini.session PHX portraiture

I have "back sessions" to post,
here's one of many! 

"come on out sister,
we're all waiting for you"!

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Happy 2013

a new year.
a fresh slate.
jan 01
I'm not currently taking new appointments,
but I do have some fresh, fun portrait sessions to post to the blog.

...stay tuned!

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