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After seeing all the great photos on Kristin’s website, we were excited to have her take our family photos. Our son Andrew was 11 months old and Daddy was home on leave from his deployment—it was such a special time for us and Kristin captured our joy perfectly. She had only met Andrew once before, yet he was so at ease with her and she got him smiling so many times! He was having fun and so were we. I think that’s what really helped create the best moments—we felt comfortable with Kristin and she did everything she could to get the best shots. (i.e. crouching down on a grassy hill with a camera, getting "mom & dad" shots, while holding a squirmy baby!) Compared to going to a chain photo store, having a custom photography session with Kristin was so much more fun and completely worth it once we saw the amazing photos she had taken. Thanks Kristin!

Lynn B.

 "Kristin has amazing talent and can truly bless the lives of others with her gift for fantastic photography...As my due date crept closer and closer, I spent time planning out in my mind some ideas for photos that I wanted of my newborn twin boys. We were lucky enough to have Kristin take photos for us, some at the hospital the day after our boys were born, then again when they were five days and again at 10 days old. I will FOREVER cherish the photos she was able to capture of our little ones. She did an amazing job with the boys and made sure they were calm, warm, relaxed and cooperative for the photo shoots. She had her own awesome and creative ideas and also listened to what I had in mind. She knew of a great location and had wonderful props as well.  My heart smiles when I look at the photos she has taken.  I will definately call her again to take more pictures of our little guys as they grow.  You should too"! 

Tayva K.

"Kristin Merwin's photography is incredible and unique.  I have been to so many chain photography stores where the props are boring and cheesy- where photographers do not have much experience, are just not enjoying their job, in a time crunch, and where you have to pay for a package of items that you do not even need.  Kristin does not pressure you into doing anything and caters to your needs.  She takes the time to make every detail perfect.  She acts as if there is no other place she would rather be and is in no hurry even if your baby or child is not cooperating, which makes things less stressful as a mother.  She handles babies and children with ease and gets just the perfect shot capturing their personalities and expressions.  She is extremely patient, understanding, creative, and confident in what she does and that is what makes her an excellent photographer!  I will definitely use her in the future"!  

Chante R.


Kristin has taken our pictures for my family several times and she does a fantastic job!! She is able to catch moments in time!
She did a pregnancy shoot with my husband and I right before we had our son. As much as I did not want to have my picture taken at 38 weeks pregnant, Kristin made us feel at ease and was very professional and compassionate. She has also taken pictures for us right when our son was born. I cannot describe the intimate moments she captured of our son's first minutes of life. She was able to catch the emotions of the day in a photograph, which is priceless!! Kristin is wonderful and very patient, especially with children (she has four of her own!) and can make even the crabbiest child look adorable behind the lens! I love having her take our pictures because she captures us in the true moments of life versus sitting in a photography studio with a forced smile. 

Hayley M


Kristin was our family's photographer of choice a few years ago when my children needed professional head shots for their modeling portfolios.  Kristin's maternal instincts made my children feel very comfortable thereby getting the best poses and pictures.

Kristin's eye for detail and composition set her apart from other photographers, including those in malls or stores.  The quality of her photographs can be seen instantly and there is never a need to choose one pose and then be forced into a package you don't really want.  When it came to selecting the best photos for my childrens' portfolios, Kristin lent her keen eye, wit, and honest opinions.  I truly believe that it was because of these photos, my children were selected to participate in several photo shoots for a national magazine.

I can confidently say that if in the future, were we in need of photographs for either personal or professional use, we would definitely call upon her services again.

-Dorothy Cadet, author of Laundry Can Wait and writer


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