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The Perfect Storm

...and just what does a
do when a storm picks up here in Eastern Montana?

She grabs the kiddos
{Brooklyn keeping one eye on the storm heading our way}


...convinces her hubby to drop grandma's old couch in the middle of our neighborhood wheat field.

{asks grandma Paulette 
to snap a quick one of the fam}

and then revels in the beauty of 
Big Sky Country...

rain, wind, thunderstorms and all...


  1. OMG Kristin, these are amazing! I am grabbing my stuff and the girls and I are on the next plane out there. I want pictures in the wheat field. And that couch! So cute! Hope you are enjoying your time up there. We sure miss you guys!

  2. I love Brayden's expresssion in the one of you guys kissing! He knows what's going on!! Great pictures Kristin

  3. Adorable!!!! Love the family pic & the couch is so neat!!

  4. oh my goodness!!! I absolutely love every single one! seriously! ahhh! they are just perfect!

  5. I LOVE these pictures! Next time you come up we are going to have to schedule something with Sloan and Briggs!