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D. Baby Shower

I love parties, birthdays, showers...

if we're celebrating someone,
count me in!
we spend so much time/resources on the details of those parties-

the decor. the food. the gifts.

And once the day is over,
we have the great memories
we have our photos.

I'm not "everyone's" photographer...and that is great!
Each has their own vision, ideas, and style that will compliment your own.  But I do encourage you to consider investing in a photographer for your parties and special occasions.  

Long after the food is gobbled, the presents are used up, and even the memory is fading...
your photos will mean the world to you.

Find someone to freeze those moments in time!

...because life is too precious
to let the little details slip by

1 comment:

  1. Such great pics, as always! You might not be everyone's photographer, but I guarantee that everyone wishes you were! :-)