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Baby T.

I start getting an unusual twitch if I go too long without holding a newborn {I kid, sort of} ...
Baby T. arrived just in time for me (but 3 weeks ahead of his due date/scheduled session!)

It's such a privilege to photograph these  precious new ones- I spend the first few moments getting my "baby fix"...then I get down to business with photography.

 Having a momma's perspective in portraiture always helps me to capture those images
that many clients don't even realize they need.
 Teeny wrinkles of new skin,
the peach "fuzz", 
heavy eyelids, sleepy expressions,
 and of course- capturing mommy fall
deeper in love!
Precious moments that are fleeting and so often missed in the haze of early motherhood.

There's such a limited time in capturing this treasured season of new life.

Baby T's momma brought these ears in for his session,
I LOVED them :)

Congrats C.  family, he is pErfEcT!

"First we had each other.
Then we had you.
Now we have everything"
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