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Baby C. | PHX newborn portraiture

...after a crazy few weeks i'm finally back to posting sessions!
this session was a bit more challenging because I didn't have my studio available to shoot in.

However, that's what happens when my beautiful niece is born
 -right in the middle- 
of our family's big move!  
I'd just get baby C. settled down when one of the eleven children playing at our home would come tearing through the room.  
Look at this darling baby girl.
Bright eyes and tons of hair- I made her a hat, special for her session...
but when I saw her gorgeous head of hair, I couldn't bear to cover it up-even for a photo.
all the way down to her ten tiny toes- she's just perfect!
I love the softly peeling feet of newborns (yes I purposely don't edit that out - it's such a fleeting part of that brand new bundle).

I took baby C outside for a few last portraits with two of her sisters.
She loved the 82 degrees and the sound of children splashing in the pool.
I had the above sister as an "assistant" for the first part of our session-
yes, she is going to be a big helper for momma- for sure :)

-welcome to the world, sweet C-
so excited to watch you grow...

A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
Eda J. Le Shan
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