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Baby L | phoenix newborn portraiture

Precious baby boy.
I was editing these photos, thinking how absolutely miraculous a brand new baby is.
Baby L.
is an absolute doll -
and perfection, head to toe.
 This 'lil guy holds the record for strength in my books.
I couldn't believe how he would pick his head up off the floor and look around.  I have never had that happen with a newborn, days old.
I texted his momma yesterday and asked if baby L. was hitting the gym yet to lift weights.
It won't be long (:

'lil L. comes from an Irish family, rich with culture.
So we did incorporate a few Irish trinkets his momma brought along-including this Irish drum.

Sweet 'lil boy.
We opened up the Word to scripture that so clearly explains the miracle that you are and the joy that your life brings.  May you always know the how truly loved & cherished you are.

Before you were born,
we dreamed of you, we imagined you
we prayed for you.

Now that you are here,
we hope for you, we love you,
we Thank God for you.

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