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Q & A

First of all, if you have emailed me with no reply or response...please try again.  My computer was having issues and emails/notices went under the radar.  
Not good!
 I apologize for the inconvenience.
I typically return email within 24-48 hours.

I'm getting a lot of emails about the same subject so I thought I'd get everything out across the board regarding some of the questions.

Can you reserve a family session this fall? 
If I could squeeze "just one more" session in, I so would.  
  I am completely booked up until 2011.  
I will be accepting family sessions mid-January and beyond- please email me for details/dates.

Do I travel to the west valley (PHX) for photography sessions?
Currently I am only doing east valley location shoots.  

Will I be doing fall sessions in Montana?
 I won't be making a trip to Montana in November, as I'd hoped.  I tried and tried to work my schedule/kids routines around...but with 4 small children, this is no easy task.  And unfortunately, it just isn't going to work this fall- I'll try again for next year though!  

When will I be doing sessions in Montana?
Every mid/late July, I fly "home" to Mont- I will announce on the blog when I've booked the flight/times.  I will then take the first 12 reservations for photography sessions.  In order to be fair, I'll ask that you "save your appointment" with a non-refundable $50.00 deposit.  

Thank you all so much,
I truly appreciate each of you.
happy fall!


  1. Can I send my $50 now??? Counting down till July!!

  2. I for sure want one of those spots to.......I cand send you a check as soon as I get your address......Lacey Selle

  3. Can I send my $50 too? It's always better to play WAY ahead!!