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the babe

...who made me a mom 
nine. years. ago.
on December 28th, 2001.
we all have those days moments when we know that, after today
we will never be the same.
and I surely wasn't.

Kayli was born with white hair and huge caribbean blue eyes.
It was love at first sight.
We fumbled through all those firsts together.
Hers and my own.
She was firmly attached to my hip 24/7 for two years and that is no stretch of truth.
In 9 years I've watched her blossom.
from a painfully shy toddler/preschooler
an assured, expressive little lady.

Her transition was slow and full of prayer.
As Kayli would curl beneath my knees at play dates I would say
"you are not shy, you are bold as -"
she would cut me off and whisper "as a lion, mom.  Yes I know.  As a lion"
...nestling closer into me.
Slowly but surely Kayli began to unfold and blossom.
She followed her passion in singing, at the tender age of 8,
and enrolled in voice lessons.
Her strong voice sounding like a recorded version of a broadway star.
...or an angel- as grandpa loves to add.

A couple months of lessons and she found the courage to try out for an AZ diamondbacks baseball game this spring.  She was immediately signed on to perform for the 6th game of the year.  As she walked out on that sunny field (with no previous experience) and 30,000+ screaming fans in the stadium, I marveled at her composure, her strength, her humility...and yep- cried a little, too ;0)
Our "shy" little girl had indeed found her voice and squashed that anxiety that once tried to quiet her.
Kayli knows her voice is a gift from a loving heavenly father.
And I tell her that what makes me most proud was that God didn't put that voice into a naturally bold, precocious little girl.  He chose someone who would have to work very hard to overcome that shyness and fear.
She did work hard & believed she could do it.
And she certainly has.

And as happy and proud that I am of my girl and anything she sets her mind to, what delights me the most is that Kayli is a kind, prayerful, loving, giggly & generous soul.  
She also strives to keep peace and I love that.

happy birthday, my precious girl.
We love you babe!  
Here's to another fun, crazy, and memorable  9 years at home = 0)

youTube video of performance:

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  1. I love how you said "You are not shy, you are bold as..." That is the cutest thing! Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge in the right direction. So cute!