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Why I do...

what I do with photography.

Why I stay up until the wee hours learning photoshop.  Why I keep my camera accessible at all times.  Why I take more courses that stretch me and force me out of my comfort zone.  Why I so desire to know more about the art of photography and how to apply it to my everyday life.

of my four reasons

My baby girl is turning seven on December 9th.  Seven.
And though I'd empty my bank account to utilize a time machine, photography is my own way to stop the hands of time.  To capture this moment, this season of life that we're in.

We threw together a photo shoot on Saturday morning.  Loaded up the car with a ladder, a guitar, and 4 kids-yes, my neighbors already think I've lost my mind.
Brooklyn and I had a ball in the alley of our neighborhood mall, snapping away.

I can hardly believe the way my kids are growing up right  before my very eyes.  It breaks my heart yet gives me glimpses of the amazing fun yet to be had.

I love Brooklyn's age and the phase she's in.  She adores jewelry, peace signs, bright colors, funky designs, playing guitar.  But don't let this girly stuff fool you.  Brooklyn's also a budding 'lil gym rat.  She was just chosen for pre-team by her gymnastics coachs.  She works her tail off and we're so proud of her determination and commitment at such a young age.

So, while I'm pining away... wishing I could still dress her in rompers/ headband bows and hear her baby chatter, she's a ball of fire on the vaults and can work a balance beam like nobody's business.  I guess such is life, right?

I know I do a ton of pictures for families and I love to capture memories for others...but there's nothing quite like getting my baby behind the lens and letting her bask in the glory of her own birthday photo session!
Happy birthday, babe!

You are loved beyond words...

Now quit growing up so fast!


  1. LOVE all these shots kristin!
    seriously. crazy beautiful.
    and what a gorgeous seven year old little lady :)
    happy birthday to your big girl! need to tell me your secret. what were your other 3 monkeys doing while you were taking all these beautiful shots???

  2. She is such a beautiful little girl! She looks just like her pretty mommma! Gorgeous pics!!!

  3. She is just so pretty and looks like she loved her photo shoot. Yes, where the other kiddos chasing after Brayden up those stairs?