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The K. family | Eastern Montana

 I had trouble choosing which photos to post for the sneak peek,
we had so much fun during this session!
We captured a lot of laughter and I love how much fun this family has together.

Their son is 13 and it was awesome to see how well he did, enjoying the session and cooperating so well (remember how fun family photos were when you were 13?)...
and the 'lil miss?
 She had me laughing from the word GO!
Smiling, turning her head just so
and overall making the entire photo shoot a breeze :)
 isn't she gorgeous?!
These are my favorite shots, the ones caught behind my lens 
when no one one thinks the shutter is snapping. 
We caught a handful of these precious moments and I always consider that a success!
"there is beauty all around
when there is love at home"

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  1. I Love these! Thank you so much!