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Baby B | first birthday portraiture PHX AZ

Seems like just yesterday I was capturing this momma's "belly photos"...just weeks away from baby's due date. And here I am catching (literally) this beautiful, energetic ONE YEAR OLD'S photos!
Although this is one of the most challenging ages (18 months may top it- cuz they run faster) I do try to slow down enough to document 

those little things that mom & dad will want to remember.

{bitty toes, smooches, and cuddle time}
We found baby B's love of bubbles, stories, and her stuffed animal did grab her attention long enough to get some cute photos...

but I had my running shoes because I know this age all too well... 
"it's fun to be one!
if only that pesky photographer wasn't trying to slow me down"...
Happy birthday precious girl!
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