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The M. cousins | Arizona portraiture

okay, for real.

How cute, hip and FUN is this "cousins session" ??
 We had more fun than we should have :)
the giggling, skipping and play was nonstop!
 These mommas put together the ensembles
and I LOVED what they came up with.

Even more than that, I adore capturing the relationships between families- especially when that family is 

full of FUN GIRLS!
I see some custom story books, stickers
and funky framed prints coming from this session!
"God made us to be cousins, 
cuz he knew our moms couldn't handle us to be sisters"!

"A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost"

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  1. Your photography is stunning! I can't believe how talented you are! These pics are AMAZING!

  2. Beautiful pics Kristin! Kate is a dear girl in my son's class and I love getting to know her when I volunteer- beautiful inside & out for sure :)