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The C. family | Eastern Montana

Cute baby?  Check.
Locations scouted?  Check.
Adorable props?

This momma thought of everything for her session and I loved what she came up with!

I LOVE this photo of daddy bribing discussing with his son.

(riding his uncle's vintage pedal car)

"Happiness is hearing your parent's laughter and knowing you're the source".

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The V. family | Eastern Montana

How cute are these sisters?
Balloons, a rock band, scooter and AG dolls 
all boosted the laughs in this session. 

And we know laughter and fun
make those portraits priceless.

A sister is a little bit of childhood 
that can never be lost.  
Marion C. Garretty
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The M. family | Eastern Montana

Love all the personalities
and dynamics 
that make this family,

The laughter.
The play.

 The relationships.

 This session was a breeze-these adorable littles were more than happy to get their family photographed and it's easy to see how much fun they have together.
"To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with"
Mark Twain
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The G. family | Eastern Montana

These adorable kiddos brought the FUN to this session!
Bringing smiles, toys, ideas,
and {what I like to call}  
their A Game.
Somebody loves their mom & daddy
and I think the feeling is mutual :)

Love sessions...
like these.
"This moment may be temporary
but the memory is forever".

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'11 Senior Portraiture | Eastern Montana

Some look at this guy and see a star football player.
I see a little blonde haired, blue eyed toddler that 
 I used to chase after as a high schooler.
Yep that was my "job" as a teen (but truth be known, I'd have babysit for free).
Some see the high school president.
I see a 'lil boy who {along with his big bro}
kept me laughing, pulling out my hair, and running in circles.

Sometimes all in the same moment :)

And so before I get too sentimental and mushy about this "little boy" {who now towers over his babysitter}, I'll just say that he and his family are still among some of my favorite people-after all these years (no let's not count how many it's been).

I was beyond thrilled to be asked to do C's senior photography.
We found locations hidden in and around Baker, MT.
{I bet you'll never find them} !

Besides being a super cool kid, C is also a pretty amazing photographer whose editing skills and knowledge inspire me to start plugging away at my photography classes.
Did I mention he's smitten with a lovely lady?
Who undeniably feels the same.
Yes, I did remind him that I was still the babysitter, behind the camera.
No more goo goo eyes, you two.

Thanks for the awesome day of laughter, running around, and fun.

Some things never change and I'm thankful for it.

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