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The M family | PHX holiday portraiture

It's that time of year again!
is upon us.
the decorations, music
and let's not forget...
holiday portraits!

I hired this little princess
as my "photog assistant" for our session.

Miss K. happily agreed to a $1 dollar wage and she certainly earned her weight in gold.
She lead/corralled her baby sis, turned every so often to flash her gorgeous dimples, followed every direction to a T, and was just an overall gem of a girl the entire time.  
Besides being the perfect assistant,
she also happens to be my beautiful 'lil niece.
Could I get any luckier?
I think not.

Having a family this beautiful and fun 
makes for a very easy holiday session.

Merry Christmas to you 
and yours!

 laugh,Play and make good cheer
Christmas comes but once a year.


Baby B | first birthday portraiture PHX AZ

Seems like just yesterday I was capturing this momma's "belly photos"...just weeks away from baby's due date. And here I am catching (literally) this beautiful, energetic ONE YEAR OLD'S photos!
Although this is one of the most challenging ages (18 months may top it- cuz they run faster) I do try to slow down enough to document 

those little things that mom & dad will want to remember.

{bitty toes, smooches, and cuddle time}
We found baby B's love of bubbles, stories, and her stuffed animal did grab her attention long enough to get some cute photos...

but I had my running shoes because I know this age all too well... 
"it's fun to be one!
if only that pesky photographer wasn't trying to slow me down"...
Happy birthday precious girl!
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The M. cousins | Arizona portraiture

okay, for real.

How cute, hip and FUN is this "cousins session" ??
 We had more fun than we should have :)
the giggling, skipping and play was nonstop!
 These mommas put together the ensembles
and I LOVED what they came up with.

Even more than that, I adore capturing the relationships between families- especially when that family is 

full of FUN GIRLS!
I see some custom story books, stickers
and funky framed prints coming from this session!
"God made us to be cousins, 
cuz he knew our moms couldn't handle us to be sisters"!

"A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost"

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