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the M brothers | custom PHX portraiture

The relationship
between brothers.

 it makes me laugh, shake my head
in exasperation, but mostly
makes me thankful.
they fight, they cuddle, they push, they unite, they yell, they love.
sometimes in a matter of minutes.
they are defense attorneys for the other,  
do not mess with the brother.  
if there is beating up to do, they'll be the only ones authorized to bring the heat.  
outsiders need not apply.
 their budding relationship is fun to watch.  they are often reminded that 
no matter what happens in this life,
 they will always have
 their brother-their best friend.

and yes, the reminder often comes in the midst of a screaming wrestling brawl. 
but that's okay.

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  1. Going through the same thing at our house! You said it perfectly :) I love that these 4 boys will always have each other!! Love you <3

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