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Miss S {AZ birthday photography}

Today we celebrated a very special day in our family.
My beautiful niece turned 10!
I've been driving by an overgrown yard full of flowers for months.
And each time I drive by, I think of my niece-who has a huge love of flowers.
I knew  it'd be the perfect place to start out her birthday photo session!
We piled in the car-  myself,  niece and 2 daughters...
turned up the tunes, rolled the sun roof back,  and just enjoyed a beautiful AZ afternoon.
My ears are still ringing from the giggles...
It's the good stuff.
Life's simple pleasures.

Miss S. also begged for requested railroad tracks for her photo session.
The birthday girl asks, I will deliver.
"Auntie,  I am ten today.  
Ten.  A decade.  
Isn't that soOo old?  I mean, it just even sounds old" 
Oh sweet girl, you always make me laugh...
Beautiful. Precious. Resilient. Smart. Charming. Funny.  Resourceful. Stylish. Witty.  Giggly.  Cherished.
'lil lady.

You are a treasure.

And loved beyond words.

Happy Birthday you old fart!


  1. Wonderful! Just wonderful! The colors, the attitude, the mood just wonderful! Great job!

  2. Cutest old fart ever! Love your photog stamp too!