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Q&A/session info

Q & A
Can I schedule a session for spring/summer?
Unfortunately I'm completely booked for spring/summer 2011.  
I'm now completing the sessions that were all scheduled back in 2010 and then I will be closing my books so that I can remodel my studio, improve my business/skill and bring you the BEST in photography!

Is there a cancellation list that I can sign up for?
The cancellation list is full as well but I'd be happy to get your email and send you updates on openings and exciting new products coming up...

Montana Sessions -SUMMER 2011-
Back in the fall, I posted on my blog that I'd accept the first 12 reservations for summer photography sessions in Montana.  I didn't think anyone would be in the mode of thinking "summer" but I was wrong!  ya'll filled the first 12 spots in the blink of an eye and spilled into a waiting list!  I was hoping to pull from that waiting list but still not sure on our timeline in Montana- so I can't promise anything.
-I'll keep you posted on that in the next couple months-
thanks for understanding...
reserved list/CLOSED:
Karrol W. 
Kandis A.
Lacey S.
Kristin T.
Tammi C.
Marriah R. (senior portraiture)
Janna Mc.
Autumn D.
Kim B. (senior portraiture)
Stacy K.
Ashlee M.
Kori K.

waiting list/CLOSED:
Brittnee K.
Jen M.
Tracy N.
Darcy B.
Lori Q.
Brandy G.
Laurie K.
Toni O.
Kathy N.
I truly love photography.
The newborns.  families.  chasing kiddos.
 The perfection seen in the often unnoticed details of life.
It's always there if you look for it.
Capturing "it"on camera...
I love every aspect of photojournalism.

I want to thank you for trusting me with your precious memories and being so supportive.  This adventure in photography has been above and beyond what I ever dreamed.
Thank You!

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