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Arizona Senior Portraiture {miss B}

Look at this beautiful face!
This senior is graduating in one short month. 

Her mom was prepared back in 2010 and booked this session last fall...
she knew she'd want some shots with the siblings...
images to freeze these moments in time,
the ones you'd like to hold to just a little bit longer.

I loved seeing mama and her girls laughing it up,
giving me glimpses into the future that I have to look forward to.

I adore seeing a family that can laugh together and have a good time being silly and trying new things...including my suggested"Charlie's angel" pose.  I think they belong behind the lens!  What good sports-even if it was hard to "act serious"...

We even got bro in on a few shots-he looks like the cover of a magazine, just like his sisters!

Thank you {B family) for the example you so gracefully set...
of commitment, faith, and LoVe.
It shines through your children and leaves a mark wherever you go.
 Hodding Carter

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  1. Kristin is amazing!! For years now this photographer has been capturing all our families special moments with her awesome talents! We will continue to use her for years to come, there is no one else I would trust to "save" these moments in time for me!