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first birthday (the K twins)

Another highlight of newborn photography?

Getting these babes BaCk for milestone portraiture!!  Turning one is a pretty big deal and quite an accomplishment in the world of twins!!

March 2010:
One year later...

I think these adorable boys are filling out their wagons just a bit more this year?  Their momma brought them for the session, after having them displayed in their nursery all year (the wagons, not the twins).

These boys are blessed with a loving family and a happy home (3 older sisters to spoil them rotten!)

  Mom was so patient and we both laughed as they  tried soo hard not to smile for the camera ;0)

Happy Birthday 

loved. sweet. fun. adorable. 
'lil BOYS!

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  1. You amaze me my friend! Even with my 2, very serious, don't look at me, I have my own agenda, 1 year old boys! You have a lot of patience and I love the pics you got. I'll treasure them forever. I love the comparison shots with the wagons. It is hard to remember them being that teeny tiny. Thanks again!
    ~the proud K mama