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The B. Family

-->This family traveled all the way from Montana for their photo session<--
Okay, not really.
Maybe more like to soak up some AZ  sunshine, laugh with our merwin zoo, and celebrate a wonderful Easter!

We're so thankful to call these peeps "friends"... 
childhood friends that we've known since further back than I can even recall.
Here big sis is giving Mr. C his pep talk..."let's smile and get this over with" may have been in the convo?  ha!  
The terrific two's can be challenging for prompting smiles ;)
The Phoenix zoo was awaiting them so we squeezed in a quick AM session.
Daddy tried so hard not to flash a smile but
his beautiful 'lil girl ruined all that with one hug!
Can you blame him?
I adore this family for so many reasons...
One is that they're extremely fun, light-hearted, generous, hard working, and down to earth.
Wait that was five.
alright I can't even count all the ways.

I knew I'd eventually capture that beautiful, huge smile Mr. C- even if it WaS the last photo I took for your session!
'lil stinker.

I already miss your laughter, sleepy morning eyes, happy arms swinging, and fun 'lil personalities.  
both of you are too precious for words.
Come back soon!!

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