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The B. Family

-->This family traveled all the way from Montana for their photo session<--
Okay, not really.
Maybe more like to soak up some AZ  sunshine, laugh with our merwin zoo, and celebrate a wonderful Easter!

We're so thankful to call these peeps "friends"... 
childhood friends that we've known since further back than I can even recall.
Here big sis is giving Mr. C his pep talk..."let's smile and get this over with" may have been in the convo?  ha!  
The terrific two's can be challenging for prompting smiles ;)
The Phoenix zoo was awaiting them so we squeezed in a quick AM session.
Daddy tried so hard not to flash a smile but
his beautiful 'lil girl ruined all that with one hug!
Can you blame him?
I adore this family for so many reasons...
One is that they're extremely fun, light-hearted, generous, hard working, and down to earth.
Wait that was five.
alright I can't even count all the ways.

I knew I'd eventually capture that beautiful, huge smile Mr. C- even if it WaS the last photo I took for your session!
'lil stinker.

I already miss your laughter, sleepy morning eyes, happy arms swinging, and fun 'lil personalities.  
both of you are too precious for words.
Come back soon!!


The M. Family

 Images of daddy and daughter have always melted me.
I try to think outside of the box with my sessions and capture
more emotion than just "snapshots" or poses 
(though I love me a good pose!)

"She spins and she sways to whatever song plays,
 without a care in the world.

 "So I will dance with Cinderella while she is here in my arms.

-I don't want to miss even one song ...

Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad. 
 ~Author Unknown

Love this precious family {of mine}
Twin sister to  my hubby.
She and her hubster now have 2 beautiful girls about the same age as my 2 handsome little boys.


It's beyond fun to see them paired up
when we're together... a 'lil blast from the past for grandma, I'm sure.
My sista= one great momma.
Beautiful.  Fun.  Loving.  Devoted.


The H family

love this family!

...and happy to say
they're {mine}!

aunt. uncle. cousins.
...coming all the way from montana.

We had tons of laughs, made a hundred fun memories, and enjoyed a wonderful time.

Even celebrated a birthday together.
Little Miss S. had a grand celebration in the sunshine
with friends, family, cake, and presents...
and {of course!}
some adorable photos to mark her new year of being FoUr!

Is there anything as cute as Miss S? 

 Her baby sister!

What a dolly.

We had to get Miss R. in on the action and she was happy to flash some smiles and her infamous "bubbles" she happily blows.


Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family. ~Anthony Brandt


Arizona Senior Portraiture {miss B}

Look at this beautiful face!
This senior is graduating in one short month. 

Her mom was prepared back in 2010 and booked this session last fall...
she knew she'd want some shots with the siblings...
images to freeze these moments in time,
the ones you'd like to hold to just a little bit longer.

I loved seeing mama and her girls laughing it up,
giving me glimpses into the future that I have to look forward to.

I adore seeing a family that can laugh together and have a good time being silly and trying new things...including my suggested"Charlie's angel" pose.  I think they belong behind the lens!  What good sports-even if it was hard to "act serious"...

We even got bro in on a few shots-he looks like the cover of a magazine, just like his sisters!

Thank you {B family) for the example you so gracefully set...
of commitment, faith, and LoVe.
It shines through your children and leaves a mark wherever you go.
 Hodding Carter


first birthday (the K twins)

Another highlight of newborn photography?

Getting these babes BaCk for milestone portraiture!!  Turning one is a pretty big deal and quite an accomplishment in the world of twins!!

March 2010:
One year later...

I think these adorable boys are filling out their wagons just a bit more this year?  Their momma brought them for the session, after having them displayed in their nursery all year (the wagons, not the twins).

These boys are blessed with a loving family and a happy home (3 older sisters to spoil them rotten!)

  Mom was so patient and we both laughed as they  tried soo hard not to smile for the camera ;0)

Happy Birthday 

loved. sweet. fun. adorable. 
'lil BOYS!