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The A. family | Eastern Montana Portraiture

A first for one of my sessions!
I actually have to tell a child to stop smiling...?...

Let me explain. 
First, she's a photographer's dream.
Miss K. is an absolute doll, smiling-posing-laughing at every turn.
Oh yeah, she's experienced in this field of photography :)

of course- Miss K. is gorgeous smiling.
But I knew her mommy had many, many photos of the big adorable grins.
I wanted to capture another side of Miss K.
Because as pretty as she is with her smile,
she's just as stunning with her more pensive expression.

Of course, we captured tons of laughs,
but there's just something about these more serious faces
(that I caught while she thought I was "fixing" my camera!)

What a loved, cherished, fabulous little girl.
Blessed with love beyond measure and spending her 5th birthday in disneyland this month!
Have a blast, Miss K. with your family :)
I know you will.
"a happy childhood lasts forever"

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1 comment:

  1. Kristin~

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Seriously my are AMazING!! Thank you for the beautiful pictures & for the "meeting"! I think I needed that more than the pictures!! Can't wait to get the CD!! <3