All web photos are at lowest resolution and watermarked. Your digital negatives will be full resolution and print quality.


time to party!

My personal goal was to have every Mont. session edited/shipped by Sept 1st.
I feel like I have done nothing more than eat, sleep, and breathe editing for the last 4 weeks.
And (in usual kristin fashion) I barely, just under the wire, made tomorrow's deadline ...
And so if you haven't received your digital negatives yet, the final packages have now shipped F/C & will be to you within the week!  Woot Woot

Now excuse me... I have some celebrating  (and sleeping) to do :)
thanks again!

  1. K./Senior Session
  2. Kary Session
  3. Kinsey Session
  4. Mettler Session
  5. C./Senior Session
  6. Williams Session
  7. Thompson Session
  8. McCormick Session
  9. Czehura Session
  10. Moore Session
  11. Murnion Session
  12. Selle Session
  13. Albertson Session
  14. Griffith Session
  15. Merwin Session
  16. Varner Session
  17. Rost Session
  18. M./senior Session
  19. WiseTies Clothing/Commercial Session
  20. Ferguson Session(mini)
  21. Klotzsky Session (mini)
  22. Quenzer Session(mini)
  23. Groshans Session (mini)

...and thank you to my friends Nicci and Lisa who gave up some of their mornings to help with my 'lil guys so I could get solid chunks of editing time in! I'm so thankful for your help :)

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