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Wise Sewcial Ties/Commercial photography | Eastern Montana

I've been doing a handful of commercial work for some incredible clothing designers.
I haven't had the time yet to post my past work but this session/label holds a dear place in my heart.
I had the privilege of working with an awesome company this summer.
Maria, the woman behind
"Wies Sewcial Ties," clothing line is an artistic genius!
She designs vintage clothing (with a modern twist), many from reclaimed fabric or clothing.
Here you see the girls wearing amazing, vintage inspired clothing
made from my grandfather's dress shirts.
yes they are total goofballs, all the time.
After my grandpa passed, I asked my grandma to save his dress shirts for me (not knowing exactly what I'd be doing with them).  
Well, Wise Sewcial Ties to the rescue!
Maria made masterpieces out of my grandfather's shirts.  She used the mother of pearl buttons from his shirts and added ruffles, buttons, and pintucks in ALL the right places!

We were all thrilled when the clothing arrived!
I cannot say enough great things about Maria and the eye she has for design and details.
 And to have my grandfather's clothing to be enjoyed now by four of his precious great grandchildren is PRICELESS!  We will always treasure our portraits/clothing.
Contact Maria today to set up a custom order or check out her designs that are already available  to purchase.  She has a .com, a facebook, and a blogspot- what a talent, you'll be blown away!

"You don't take a photograph, you make it"

Ansel Adams

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  1. oh how absolutely precious!!!
    i'm totally going to check her site out!
    i have a bunch of my mom's old wonderful would that be?!

    p.s i sent you a email using a different account i have. hopefully it goes through this time :)

  2. This is so great. I was updating my blog when your new post popped up first in the search engines finds! Thank you for your kind words and amazing photography. You are a true artist! Your clients are lucky and will enjoy all the love and beauty in the work you create for them!

  3. this is so beautiful!! I love your idea to use your grandfather's shirts. These photos remind me of me and my sisters. We were almost the same ages apart and the third one was brunette the rest of us blond!! Thank you for sharing. I love Maria's creations!!