All web photos are at lowest resolution and watermarked. Your digital negatives will be full resolution and print quality.


Montana Photo Session/UPDATE

Thank you so much for your patience as I go through/edit/ship each session.  I want you to know that I'm doing the best I can at the quickest rate that I'm able-while still giving you the quality and workmanship that each session deserves.  

I have been getting several emails/questions about my equipment, where I find my inspiration, props, locations...and more.  Once I finish these sessions, I will answer all your questions as well as map out future plans for my photography.  So if YoU have a question of your own, go ahead and do so in the comments or via email (the envelope button on top right of the blog)....

Without further ado, here's the MONTANA PHOTO SESSION information.  If the session has a line through it, IT HAS SHIPPED (VIA PRIORITY MAIL) FROM ARIZONA.  I'd love it if you would let me know that you received your digital negatives!

  1. K./Senior Session
  2. Kary Session
  3. Kinsey Session
  4. Mettler Session
  5. C./Senior Session
  6. Williams Session
  7. Thompson Session
  8. McCormick Session
  9. Czehura Session
  10. Moore Session
  11. Murnion Session
  12. Selle Session
  13. Albertson Session
  14. Griffith Session
  15. Merwin Session
  16. Varner Session
  17. Rost Session
  18. M./senior Session
  19. WiseTies Clothing/Commercial Session
  20. Ferguson Session(mini)
  21. Klotzsky Session (mini)
  22. Quenzer Session(mini)
  23. Groshans Session (mini)

NOTE:  I will continue to update this post as I progress with each session, please check here for status updates.

"Enhanced Editing"
There's a reason that each of my sessions takes  2-3 hours+ to be professionally retouched and edited.  
Most photographers will charge for anything beyond a basic edit (sharpening & toning).  
However, my clients receive "enhanced editing" that is included in my photography package ($300.00).  Images are hand colored- I add warmth, dimension, texture, and the vintage feel that my images are known and loved for.  It turns a regular photograph  into "a work of art".  I won't give my clients any image that I wouldn't be proud to display in my own home.

Enhanced editing

SOOC  (straight out of camera)
Each of the digital negatives CD also contain  more portraits than the guaranteed 20-25.  I don't know if it's the mother in me...but I cannot dispose of a photograph if it's a quality image, especially if it captures a relationship.  Therefore, my clients receive above and beyond what is promised in their package.  I believe that is what keeps them coming back to me and trusting me with their family's portraiture (which I do not take lightly).  

Enhanced Editing

I apologize this post is long.
 I just want clients (and those who have inquiries about custom photography) to understand why it takes the time that it does to edit true portraiture/sessions.

I have those who ask why custom photography is so much more costly than chain store studios:

my answer?
(...besides all factors discussed above)
Because it's worth it!

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  1. so very, very worth it!
    one day i will get you to take pictures for my little family (!!!)

    loved this post kristin. well said my friend :)