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The S. family | Eastern Montana Portraiture

You know what I love about being a children's photographer?
Kiddos wear their heart on their sleeve,
they always give you their true emotion.
My photog "style" would be defined as casual and real.
I'm out to capture clients right where they are.
show personality,
relationships, FUN, and the love of a family.

I want authenticity
 to shine through the images...
{those moments we hope to remember}

 I was so happy this mom & dad felt the same way.  Both of them were so laidback, so easy to work with...even if their beautiful girls weren't "into" a photo session at every moment :)
 How adorable are these twin babes?
They'd travelled many miles, were way off schedule...and they still managed to pull off a beautiful portrait session.
This is one precious family
and I love to see how much they enjoy their girls...

See what I mean?
What lucky 'lil sweeties.
Children are a handful sometimes, A heart.full all the time...
-- Author Unknown

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